Who is the badge team?

Badge.team is a constantly changing group of hackers from all over the world that collaborate on creating awesome event badges. Want to be part of the action? Contact us on Telegram!

Our team changes continuously, on this incomplete page you will find a list of the people who helped make the badges possible.


Team lead: Reinier van der Leer

Component sponsors: Espressif, Lattice Semiconductor, Bosch, Allnet and Raspberry Pi.


With the help of Anne Jan Brouwer, Kliment Yanev, Kuristian, Martin Ling, Paul Honig, Sylvain Munaut, Tom Clement, Fuchsia (f0x) and Sander de Haan.

Launcher firmware

FPGA examples and tools


RP2040 co-processor firmware

  • Renze Nicolai
  • Sylvain “tnt” Munaut
  • Reinier van der Leer (Pwuts)
  • Jana Marie Hemsing


  • Tim Becker (a2800276)
  • Matthias Koch (Mecrisp)
  • Pepijn de Vos
  • Julian Scheffers (Robotman2412)
  • Sylvain “tnt” Munaut
  • TheRealProcyon
  • Pieter Vander Vennet
  • Jenny List
  • Oskar Roesler (bionade24)
  • Dominik (dloidolt)
  • Manuel Dipolt (xeniter)
  • p2mate
  • Sietse Ringers
  • Yvo de Haas
  • Marble (cyber-murmel)

CampZone 2020


Hackerhotel 2020


CampZone 2019


Hackerhotel 2019



Team leads: Niek Blankers, Sebastian Oort

Team members:

  • Anne Jan Brouwer
  • Bas van Sisseren
  • Gavan Fantom
  • Jeroen Domburg
  • Markus Bechtold
  • Niek Blankers
  • Sebastian Oort
  • Thomas Roos
  • Renze Nicolai
  • Arnout Engelen