Device status

Badge Current OTA firmware Platform support status
SHA2017 ESP32 platform Build 50 (“Rise of skywalker”) Fully supported
Disobey 2019 Legacy SHA2017 firmware Unknown, OTA server is currently offline. Everything works, needs testing Not officially released yet
HackerHotel 2019 Legacy SHA2017 firmware Everything works but audio needs improvement Not officially released yet
CampZone 2019 ESP32 platform Fully supported
Disobey 2020 ESP32 platform Fully supported, audio support still in progress
Fri3dCamp 2018 ESP32 platform Proof of concept
OHS2018 ESP32 platform Display works, proof of concept
Odroid Go ESP32 platform Proof of concept. Display and audio work. No support for buttons or SD.
TTGO LoRa ESP32 platform Proof of concept. Basics of the LoRa radio work, no interrupts, no WAN.
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